Minggu, 17 April 2011

hangout with my friends before the national exam

hello guys, emm, today is my first day of the exam, I felt scared, but I must be calm, because I've studied and prayed. we will not discuss about my exams, but I will show pictures of me and my friends on before the test, we kept laughing and dancing in the garden, yeah Because of this at an outdoor party. but the weather is rather bad at the moment so there is no sunset, when the theme is SUNSET PARTY party. hahahahahahhaha
This location in the KUDETA, it's a very beautiful place. okey guys lets check

big smile for u guys :D

my best friend "mr. cappucino"

me and my bro "tegar"

devan, and he's girl friend "nina", and me :)

dance in  the raining

me and devan, he is my class mate

friends forever

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